Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Walls are up!

They got the door in, they still have to paint it. It will be a burgundy color to match the shutters. Also a white railing going across.

Looking into the garage. We wanted it a little bigger for Rob's truck, I think they went over board. This door is walking into the laundry room, then kitchen.

From the doorway.
Yes, it's pretty BIG!

From the front door looking back. Rob and I want to find our on mantel, or make our own for the fire place.

Still from the front door looking left into the dining room.

The steps will have a banister up top all the way around. We thought it would be more open in the room with out a wall.We will have lights on the steps going downstairs.

Again the foyer, we are on the look out for a lamp that won't get lost up there.

In the corner near the fireplace, looking into the kitchen.

From the island looking into the great room.

Standing in front of the fire place looking at the front door. To the left the half bath and our bedroom.

On the steps looking at the downstairs.

This is Rob's Man Cave!
His bar with running water and small fridge. The guys had a blast planning this one. He'll have Gramps old bar and glassware, and a few other things.

From the back door looking at the bedrooms, bathroom and storage space.

One of the guest rooms.

I'm really liking the porch off the kitchen. It will have a ceiling fan.
They'll be working on the sheet rock, and finish the siding next. Kitchen cabinets will be delivered the 17th of May, and the appliances are on order.
I dream of this house~


Matthew L. said...

Wow, it's huge!!!! It looks great!!! I can't wait to see it in person!!

Silvana said...