Monday, April 23, 2012

Roof is done!

Every week we go to our house to see how much it has grown. Every week I see our house slowly becoming our home.
It's getting there!
Roof is finished. It's a brownish red, to match the siding and shutters.

In front of the kitchen window looking into the great room. In front is the begining of the kitchen island, in the background you can see the fireplace behind the white board.

From the fireplace corner you can see the kitchen island Insulation went in and walls are going up. I had a crazy the right of the picture is the wall where I want to put a hoosier. Perfect place, now for the hunt.

Looking at where the fireplace is, they still have to get the other window on the right.

Waling around the house I noticed we have squatters!

They just moved right in!

And the back of the house. Yes they started the siding, how exciting!
This week to find a lighting fixture for the foyer, and to check out some rock for the fireplace.

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