Thursday, September 22, 2011

First Vintage Sheet Quilt

I found a Blog that I started me on a new collection.
The Vintage Sheets Blog

         I loved the soft colors these sheets have.
I was now on the hunt. Sheets and pillow cases, I want them all.

Not much of a pattern, just squares.

Even the back is a vintage sheet.

I love these colors so relaxing.

I also machine quilted the top, this was a first for me. I do want to learn more on free motion quilting.

I need to work on quilt labels, I'm a little lazy on this.

I'm still collecting!
So if you find any vintage sheets send them my way!


Tania said...

i LOVE this one - is it a Christmas present for me? Please??? Really, its beautiful. See, machine quilting isn't so bad. I have some vintage sheets but I am saving them. Sorry. You can send anything you don't want my way though.

Heather Grow said...

hey Sonja, Thanks for sharing your beautiful quilt and for giving Vintage Sheet Blog a little plug. Good luck in your hunt for vintage sheets.

liz said...

Such a pretty quilt, I love all the yellows that you used.