Saturday, August 27, 2011

DC Trip

Rob was going on a business trip to DC, and asked me if I wanted to come along with him. He said ,"It's only 2 1/2 hours from our 4 grand kids."

No brainier, I was on my way.

I wanted to check out the Smithsonian Museums. On my way you never know what you'll find at the capitol.
Air and Space Museum, amazing.

In front of the Air and Space Museum..

The first Smithsonian Museum, called the Castle.

Whenever Rob and I go to the East Coast, our favorite things to eat is pizza and sea food.

Right around the corner from our Hotel was Hanks Oyster Bar, with 4 choices! So we got a dozen, 2 each. Decided which one we liked and got another dozen.


The funny thing the next night we tried a Indian Restaurant, and went back to Hanks Oyster Bar for dessert. Half a dozen oysters.

China Town , lot of Restaurants.

Could you imagine having your one of your quilts hanging in the Smithsonian museum?

Behind the White house was the vegetable garden. I need to hire this people with mine.

Another Museum.

This for Jennifer, Harry Potter, the latest.

Can you guess whose kitchen this is?

Yes, in the Smithsonian

I thought this was great! Different TVs, playing the same film! Check out the couch with the plastic on it and the wall paper!

Love it!

A piece from the Twin Towers.

Before the earth quake and hurricane Irena.

Post Office Museum

I had a thing about the different mail boxes around the world.

Look familiar?

oh.....the kitchen was Julia Child's, impressive.

Check on back...I'll be bragging about my grand kids!!!!

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Tania said...

Really looks like a great time. I love all of the exploring you do. That kitchen is beautiful even today.