Friday, July 30, 2010

Good Bye New York....

The girls had a blast in New York and Jennifer still wants to live there. But it was time to leave and head on back to Pennsylvania.

Spent few nights at my mom and dads.

Tafilowsix came to visit. LOL

Yhea all 4 kids in tow, also there visit from North Carolina.

Alex also stopped by, for a game of touch football.

I know he was hurting the next day.

The day was not hot at all it was perfect to spend out side blowing bubbles.

Or just relaxing in the shade.

Or just kicking the ball around.

Oh yhea, on our way back from New York, we stopped at our old house in Lebanon New Jersey.

The trees have grown so much on the Rosemary Lane.

It's been over 22 years since I've been here, where has the time gone?

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Tania said...

Oh, I MUST have those pictures. LOVE the one of Justin and Sophia and the one of B and Sophia is really great too. You got a really nice shot of Mom and Rob too. That picture looks like a sentimental one! I love that you are doing this. Thanks!