Monday, May 10, 2010

Camping we will go!

We're all set up again. This time at Buck Saw Campground, in Clinton Missouri. It was about a 3 hour trip, I think next time we're taking a longer weekend to enjoy it more.
We went with a few friends again. I think it will be nice when it's just us. We had a great spot, here is our view "Lake Side."
It was a cool weekend in the 60's. So it was a little empty in the camp ground
Spice loved it, she was a young pup prancing on the beach sand and running in the water.
Missouri has the funnest names for there towns. Like this one Tightwad, population of a grand 68. I wonder if that includes animals?
The camp ground is near Truman Lake. Not like Lake of the Ozarks, where hey tore down all the trees before they flooded it. Truman Lake, they left everything standing. For all the animals in the water, better habitat. The trees looked odd sticking out of the water everywhere on the shore line..
It was another great place to go. Now we're wondering where to go for Memorial Weekend?


Tania said...

Ryan said Flat Ryan would enjoy somewhere with a parade for Memorial Day weekend. lol

Nikki said...

I heard there is a great yardsale in PA ;)