Thursday, January 7, 2010

January Snow Day

We got a few inches of snow here, NO school and a 2 hour delay for Rob.I guess the roads are still bad, school was canceled for Friday also.
This is the dog that keeps coming from our neighbors house. He is a cute little pup, but Spice doesn't like him. The other day Spice barked at him to get out of the way so she can go pee. When she came into the house, I think she pulled a muscle. She is doing better now.
Jennifer doing some shoveling, then taking some pictures. Spice went outside, and the snow was touching her belly. That's what happens when you have short legs. LOL
Rob trying to get to work, but his truck battery went dead. He finally got it out, and bought a better one. Thank goodness for the two hour delay on post.

Waiting for the snow trucks to come down the road. They seem to miss us since we live on a dead end. I'll try and go to work in the morning, hope I can get out!
Keep Warm!!


kerstin said...

Sometimes I miss the snow, and then I think, Nah, don't miss it at all!

Nikki said...

What a cute puppy! thanks for the snow pictures we got 2 or 3 inches here nothing to major.

Tania said...

The snow looks so beautiful! I do miss it - figuring if it has to be this cold might as well let the kids enjoy some snow. Og well.

That puppy is cute but you shouldn't have to deal with him. Poor thing.

Christie Cottage said...

Makes me cold just looking at it!