Sunday, January 3, 2010


I started thinking about the past year after I saw artsy-crafty babe , and then Tania's Blog, Jersey Girl in the South. I enjoyed looking through all the pictures of the year, but trying to choose which picture for the month was not easy.
I went to North Carolina to help Tania out, after giving birth to Sophia. It was great spending time with my nephews, and of course my sister. Love you Tania.
Just a little snow.

My foot surgery.

Spring is here!
Heather Gradates Waynesville High School.
Saying good bye to our brother.

Spent a little bit of time with my favorite Granddaughter.

Enjoying seeing the world, Hermann Missouri.

Mawson Mobile going to a new home, taking care of a new growing family. Twelve years of taking us to see different places around the world. Time to pass it on.

Harry Potter Theme here.

Family for the Holidays

Christmas 2009


Tania said...

Love it! You did a great job! Was Steve's thing in June or July (I thought July...but lack of sleep could make me wrong) I didn't have a picture with Mary - send it to me if you get a chance. I was sure you would have had a picture of the camper though. It is so hard to pick just one picture though. Great job!

Judy @ daily yarns said...

I like this post...I'll have to remember this for next year.

Nikki said...

I love this post! Good pictures!

HilmaJHaugland said...
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imadad08 said...

All great pics... The Mawson Mobile has now been to two Giants game.. which they both won! Plenty of more places that are on our list to take it, we will keep you posted! The pic of you, Rob, Jennifer, and Heather is awesome!!Cant wait till you get to hold two Grand children at once!!!