Sunday, December 13, 2009

Trimming the Tree.

Three of us trimming the tree this year. I remember a time when we had six bodies around the tree hanging ornaments.
Of course our ornaments brought back some great memories of years past. Places we have been, friends that became family and family that took part in our crazy traditions.
Santa on the left, my addition to my Santa collection. Actually I LOVE pencil Santa's. We like colored lights (not blinkys), and wooden cranberry garland.

In the past I would have a seat and hand the ornaments out. This year I said you guys are old enough, your on your own.
My other new tin Santa ornament.
Here is Rob putting up our star, a gift when we were first married. It's a piece from Metropolitan Art Museum in New York.
Our tree will stay up at least til the 7th of January. Russian Christmas, another tradition in our family.


Tania said...

Such a beautiful star! I am always looking for one but cannot find "the one". Your tree looks beautiful. That is one thing I love about putting up our tree. All the memories associated with all the ornaments.

imadad08 said...

Dont worry, next time we have Christmas together, you will be handing them to Leila to put on the tree!!!! :)