Saturday, December 12, 2009

Hunting for our Christmas tree.

We were so excited a, "Cut Your Own Christmas Tree Farm". Rob came home from work with info on a tree farm. We haven't done this in years.
We were so excited this morning. You see the last time I remember doing this we had all four kids with us. Yes, the Mawson Six. It took us 2 1/2 hours walking around a tree farm in the snow, for all of us to decide on ONE tree. It was a great time.
We drove around the farm in the truck, jumping in and out checking out the trees. We did find this friendly pup. Ran up to me, sat down and gave me his paw. To cute.
Looks like allot of trees to choose from huh?
Well we couldn't' find one tree we liked. They were very bare (reminded us of the trees in Germany), or to small.
We ended up going to a stand and picked one up already cut. Besides all that it was a fun day, and we will try out Cole's Tree Farm another year.
Here is our live tree for this year.
Tomorrow, the trimmings.

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Tania said...

Nice tree! Even if you didn't find a tree at the farm at sounds like you had a nice time and thats what's important. Have fun decorating it. We just got our done today. The boys did all but the top (they couldn't reach).