Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Where have I been?

Summer is here and we are at our camper at the Lake of the Ozarks on weekends. It is our mini vacation. Even then the camper has out grown us(it has 2 bunk beds). The girls relay don't come with us anymore. Heather maybe once last year, Jennifer tries to bring a friend down and enjoy biking, swimming, sitting next to a camp fire, and sometimes get a ride in our friends boat for a swim. But she would rather be with her friends.
Spice loves the lake. She waits near the truck until Rob puts her in. Even though we never pulled it any where, we're looking for a another one. For Rob and I to travel with.
Here is Rob living on the porch! Actually he is studying for little bit on his PMP.

Not a great photo, but these lights are on at night. Red, White and Blue.
Well this year we had some visitors in our rafters, actually our blinds. A bird nest of 3 Cardinals. Watching mom and dad go back and forth , feeding them. We tried not to bother them. Two weeks we came back, and they were gone. Looking into the trees we could see a few Cardinals flying in and out of the trees.
Love going to our home away from home, we have our own little zoo. Snakes, turtles blue herons, deers, chickens, frogs, of course different fish and plenty of dogs enjoying the lake like we do. I am still qulting but not as much. That vegtable garden keeps me busy! Hope you are all enjoying the summer.
So how is your summer going?

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Tania said...

Love the pictures. It looks like a place you can just sit back and enjoy. I hope one day we can come and enjoy it too.