Monday, May 25, 2009

Senior '09

The day came after 13 years of school, Heather was graduating Waynesville High School. It's Beenn adventrous. She started here in St Robert, MO, to Bamberg Germany to Australia. Starting again 9th grade in El paso, TX, and ending back where she started, St Robert MO. The funny thing was when we came back she got her student # from when she was in 2nd grade.

Heather's Fan club!
They all graduated last year. Between me and the girl in pink holding her baby is Marisia (Heather's Surprise)Here she comes with her partner(and friend) Marcus.

Heather was towards the end because her partner was very tall! She does look good in orange.

Reginia and her baby Aubrey.Heather, Marisia and Melanie.
Heather was very surprised to see Marrisia (from El Paso). She thought she saw her in the crowd, and text Marisia, and asked her if she was at her graduation. Heather kept looking back thinking she was going crazy. Marisia kept hiding.
Yes, we made Heather cry. LOL


Tania said...

Heather, it looks like you had a great graduation and have some wonderful friends. Congratulations.

The Ewings said...

Isn't it nice to see them grow up and to come into their own? She is beautiful