Thursday, January 1, 2009

What a ending!

What a ending to a great trip. This past sunday after Leila's Christening, it was football time in PA. Heather, bunch of other young people and Rob. Rob was the quarterback for both teams, they all were having a great time, and getting realy mudy on a 60 degree day. Heather was going for the ball, Rob through it and Heather missed, but her finger hit the ball. OUCH!!!. "Just shake it off!" Rob said. She did and continued playing football.
The next day we left for home, while driving her finger was turning black and blue. Now I was getting concerned, it wasn't something she could SHAKE OFF! We stopped to get a splint. Then finaly the next day when we arrived at home at 3 in the afternoon, Heather and I went to the ER. And waited for 3 1/2 hours until the doc saw her. She got x-rayed (all this in 15 minutes, with a 3 hour wait), her finger was broke! She got some meds, rewrapped her finger and went home. The next day another 4 hours trying to see the ortho people to get it properly wrapped. She has to wear this for 4 weaks!
Shake it off?!?
I do have many photos to share with you, so keep checking back to see some cute pics of my grandaughter!

Happy New Year,

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Tania said...

Heather...I hope 2009 goes better for you than how 2008 ended. I am quite impressed that you kept playing. Guy with million dollar contracts would have been out of the game!