Friday, January 2, 2009

Bragging Again!

This was Rob's Christmas gift, isn't it so Rob.
This is mine! Another addition to my bird houses.

Very colorful, modern like.
This matches my Polish Pottery.Love the colors.

This is not our decor, but it matches our Australian souvenirs.
OK! The Eagle painting was Rob's gift, from Heather. She painted it!
The Bird House also made from Heather. The branch looks so real!
The Modern Vase, also made from Heather. :)
The vase, it matches my Polish Pottery so well. I love it!!
Heather found a mask from National Georaph, and created this.
OK, I said I was bragging! Heather has become a incredible artist. She has improved so much through the years, and only getting better. I', excited she has so more art classes next semester. Heather crammed her classes for 3 years, she could graduate early. She wanted to enjoy her last year with fun classes, and club fun. What a great Senior Year for her! I'm so excited for her.
Best of luck Heather,

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Tania said...

All of the work is beautiful but that painting is INCREDIBLE! What a painter Heather has become. I really thought that was one of those things that you bought for quite a few bucks there girl. Keep it up!