Friday, December 26, 2008

Leila's Christmas Gift

The same fabric I made Leila's Quilt, I made these soft blocks.
Our model is Misty, we got her from the vet clinic in El Paso, after we arrived state side after 7 years. Jennifer kept asking for a cat, and we said wait until we hit the states. She was surprised with Misty.
I thought these blocks would be fun....Twenty-six letters later. It was NOT. BUT....if my grandson Joseph would like some blocks, I will be HAPPY to make them.

This is Leila's hat she wore home from the hospital, turned upside down to make a little pocket. The pink fabric behind is a piece of her mommy's blanket when she was little.Upper right of the hat is a little clothes pin, from her baby shower.

I know they are not Christmas colors. But I was going off of Leila's hat and Nikki's blanket.I thought the colors turned out really cute. Oh yhea, if you close at the buttons you'll see a lady bug button, it's her theme in her room.
Happy Holidays,

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Tania said...

I love the way you turned Leila's hat upside down and made it a pocket. I never would have thought of that! Everything turned out really cute. I am sure he will have lots of fun with both.