Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Giants/Eagles Quilt

I've had this quilt for awhile now. I made this when I found out Matthew and Nikki were pregnant. I was going to give this one if it was a boy. Well I have a grandaughter instead. So now this lap quilt will go to Matthew(Giants Fan) and Nikki(Eagles Fan).

Thay can argue who wants to use it, or they can share.

While they are watching a game, movies or want to snuggle.
I do have left over fabric. I do have an idea what to do with it, and already made something with it. I'll show you when I get back from PA. I'll have plenty of pictures to share of Leila and her parents.
Have a wonderful Christmas,


Tania said...

I couldn't wait to see it and its great! I love the way you stitched it with "footballs" - so clever. Once again, great job!

Anonymous said...

We love our new blanket we might share it! When i opened it I thought you had given me Matthews present! I thought I was douped! ~ it is such a great gift!!!!!!!!