Sunday, September 7, 2008

63rd Anniversary!!!!!!

I would like to wish Mr. and Mrs. Robert Phipps, JR. a Happy 63rd Anniversary!
Yes, I said 63rd!!
The picture above is there 50th Anniversary, where they renewed there vows.
I met these two over 20 years ago, they welcomed me and my two boys (7 and 4) with welcomed arms. Marrying there grandson was a big deal. They think very highly of Rob. (As he does to them), and wanted the best for him. As I got to know them, I felt very welcomed, respected and part of there wonderful family. They welcomed my sons, and welcomed there granddaughters with open arms. Not treating anyone different. Thank you. Gram and Gramps have not only been great grandparents to Rob and Dave, (I love the stories of the trips Gramps would take the boys). They have been better Great Grandparents to Jason, Matthew, Heather and Jennifer.
Jason and Matthew will never forget the dinners out in El Paso when they visited. Or there special gifts they sent them on there many trips around the world. Heather and Jennifer remember the many, many rings they tried on when they were younger. But more they have memories spending time with them in Florida in there home. Spending time with them at night, breakfast dates and even some swims with there Great Grandparents. They speak of there memories often. Great ma and Great pa have a special place in there hearts.
About the rings..... Gramps has gotten Grams a wedding ring every Anniversary, not missing one! She wears them on a very sturdy bracelet, which YES they are insured. Heather and Jennifer had them on every finger! ( when they younger) like they we're toys! I was so nervous one would be lost. Gramps bought rings on there many trips around the world and would save them for there Anniversary. But he had his favorite Jewelry store in Wilmington,DE. He would call the jewelry store and it would be taken care of.
Bob and Kathy Phipps are to people that have known each other since High School. Through World War II. His plane was named "MY KATH" Then he returned and they married, after the war. Two wonderful people, I would like to wish to the bottom of my heart, a Happy 63rd Anniversary.
I love you both, and thank you for welcoming me in your great family.
Sonja xo

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Tania said...

Happy Anniversary! Wishing you many more blessed years!!!!!