Friday, August 22, 2008

Baby Shower Trip

Here is Nikki opening her many gifts. Leila made out with everything you could imagine. Not only did Nikki recieved so many nice things, at the house people were giving her clothes, shoes, blankets, crib and somuch more. Heather helped Nikki organize a little and they filled 5 big totes of clothes! She'll be a well dressed little girl.

Nikki just opened Rob's gift to her. The shirt said my Heart Belongs to Grandpa, and a pacifer with clip. The clip is a football shape with the Eagles logo on it. The pacci also has the Eagle logo. Nikki and Rob are big Eagle Fans, Matthew and I are Giants Fan.

Here's the quilt! Yes, I made her cry when she opened it and saw the handprint on it. (below in the last blog)
Oh yhea, she just got here haircut a few weeks ago. Isn't it cute! It will be so much easier to manage when the baby comes.
On the left sitting is Nikkis mom, she lost 60 pounds since last year. She looks great! Standing behind her is Nikki's grandmother.

Here is mommy and daddy!

Of course I needed a picture with my granddaughter. Her belly is so cute.

Back at the house, here is Leila's room. They painted it and put up the pretty wall paper. Do you see the little rocking chair with the bear. That was Matthew's when he was little.

Matthew is putting the rocker glider together here.

Isn't the border cute! They also have matching hamper and blanket (thanks mom).

All put together, and ready for baby. Matthew also put the crib together. Nikki is keeping him very busy putting everything together.

Nikki enjoying the rocker. It's a light sage color, it matches the border very nice. It was so nice to see the two of them so happy and excited. I do wish we lived closer together.
Well I have been looking at websites on distant grandparenting. Leila will know her BaBa. LOL It was a great time seeing everyone, but I was looking forward to coming home.


Tania said...

What great pictures! I would have loved to have been there but it was nice to see everything. The room looks so cute, perfect for a baby girl (the border is my favorite - I love the little dragonflies!)

Anonymous said...

I love my shower blog! I have to send you some pictures now that the nursery is not a mess! We were so happy that you were able to come out for the shower! You certainly came bearing gifts! The Quilt and blankets are beautiful, and the bib made from "scraps" then the rocker! I can tell Miss Leila will be very spoiled by her Baba!
I am also very greatful for all of Heather's help sorting all of the baby clothing! All 5 Totes!