Wednesday, July 30, 2008

August Garden

Here is my mystery plant. I still don't know what it is, but it's budding. I guess I have to just wait and see.

Remember my little green pumpkin growing on the fence?

Well a month has gone buy.

I had to cradle it, so it wouldn't break off.

I used a old sheer curtain, and tied it off.

It's now the size of a watermelon!

It's also turning orange.

What am I planning?

Looking for a lot of pumpkin recipes, what else.

Remember that lone corn plant?

Look at it now!!

I must have 8 or more ears of corn growing.


Remember in the beginning, my wonderful bench?

Where did it go????

The pumpkins have taken over!!!!

My garden is going great! I have more cucumbers that I know what to do with. Give them away of course. My tomatoes, because of all the rain we have had are only giving enough for everyday eating. The bottoms are molding. But we are still eating!!! I'm curious on the corn, never grown it before, but it's looking good.
This is my first time I have been back gardening for the full season. Last year I was gone for a few weeks, the dry weeks.

Yes, I'm going away again for 7 days this time. My grand baby girl shower. I also hope to see my grandson's mommy there.. I wish I wasn't so far apart. I want to be a grandmother, a fun loving grandmother, spoil them rotten!!!! I find away to be a distant spoiling grandmother.



Jewelgirl said...

Mystery plant=Squash or melon? Is it growing similar to the pumpkin? on a vine?

Anonymous said...

I would geuss the mystery plant is a cantelope!

Tania said...

everything looks so good. I wish my garden was doing so well but I don't have quite as much time to help it along. I might have to some over for some fresh veggies!