Friday, June 6, 2008

My Garden

We are having a lot of rain, but that's OK. It's watering my garden. Rob put a fence around the garden, that the Stones gave to us before they left. (Thanks guys!) There is also the bench they gave us too! I can sit and admire my garden. These pics were taken a few weeks ago.

Heather painted the little bird houses for Mothers Day. I put them on 4 posts. I think it adds color to the garden. Compost bin next to the bench on the right, It's going great! Tomatoes are loving it.

I have winter onions, these are from the last time we were here. I just transplanted them, and now I pick the greens. I have 3 different tomatoes, of course a variety of lettuce. yum! Yellow peppers, jalapenos, egg plant, garlic, snow peas, Chinese cabbage, radish's, spinach, cucumbers and a mystery plant remnant from last year. LOL
Like I said these pics are a few weeks old. I'm now enjoying strawberries, lettuce, spinach and green onions. Soon tomatoes. I guess I'll take some more current photos. Until later enoy the gardening time!

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Tania said...

I love teh birdhouses - what a great idea to add color. The bench is nice to have to sit and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Hope it is plentiful this year.