Thursday, August 15, 2013

Tracy Arm Glaciers

On our way to Tracy Arm, to see some Glaciers!!
Could you imagine living here?
 Incredible mountains.

We found a water color of this site.
Another water color to add to our collection.

The scenery is breathtaking. Thank goodness for our balcony.

How quaint~~

First glacier sited!
Look at that blue!

Beautiful water fall.

More glaciers!

You can really see the blue in this one.

This one came really close to our ship.
Not good.

See all the glaciers?
They said a big piece of ice fell off about two weeks ago.
Because of that we couldn't go any further.

I took this picture because it reminded of a whales tale.
Can you see it?

Until next week!
Juneau is our next stop.
Wednesday, July 10th

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