Friday, November 2, 2012

Up Date on my Grandkids

It's been to long.
 I was putting off seeing my boys and there family, (my grand kids).
I was PA Bound.
My first visit was our oldest, Jason and his family. My two grandsons Joesph and Julian. Almost four and two years old.

Jason your lucky to get in on these photos
I noticed I took pictures of my grand kids more then my kids and daughters-in-law. Not on purpose! I was in "ahh", with my little ones. I missed them so much.

Joseph in his new bed.
The tent helps him sleep.
He such a happy child, I wish I lived closer.

Julian enjoying the tent also for a little while.
He can melt your heart.

Julian chilling out. :~)

Theres Adalyn!
 She is a pistol for being two years old.

Leila turned four when I visited.
She becoming her own person, precious.

What a beautiful smile.

This is how your suppose to eat a cupcake?

"Birthday Girl!"
Hopefully it won't be so long til the next visit.

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