Thursday, March 1, 2012

Square Yo-Yo Quilt

Yes you read it right.
Square yo-yo quilt.
This quilt was so different for me. That's why I  had to make this, and I'm not talking about the quilt. I'm talking about the colors.

White-Black and Red.

After cutting out the pattern and the batting.

I sewed the sides together.

Put the batting inside and sewed up the center.

I used the zig zag stich, to piece them together.

I still have to sew a few corners together.
But over all I realy like the way it turned out.
Even the colors.


Ruby Murray said...

Beautiful did you make each yoyo on the machine or by hand. So tempted to start one especially if the outside yoyo shape can be made on the sewing machine don't mind finishing off by hand.

Thanks for the inspiration x

Susan Ann said...

do you have a template for the presewn squares? can you please post it?