Saturday, March 31, 2012

San Diego Visit

I had the chance to travel with my husband to San Diego, CA.
Yes California.
 It took me  about a day for it to sink in where I was at.
After I realized I wasn't in Missouri anymore, we went for lunch. As we strolled through the park we saw the USS Midway. It  was a aircraft carrier in the past.
Amazing ship.
These trees were amazing looking, the smooth lines on the trunks and the colors were very intriguing.
If you look to the left you'll see a statue.

This is the statue, it's huge!
(There was guys taking photos of them looking up the nurses dress.) LOL

Here's a Bob Hope Monument, my husband (Bob).
"Thanks for the memories BOB"

I think this is great, how many times have you seen drawings of Bob Hope with that nose?
Love it!.

I love these flowers , Birds of Paradise.

Finally lunch with the hubby. What else oysters!
We must of had 4 dozen oysters that week we were there.
You can't get oysters in Missouri.

Our walkway bridge back to our hotel Hilton Bayside.
Beautiful bridge.

We stopped at a Artsy area, loved the plants. My allergies didn't bother me at all.
 Wonder why?
NO trees.

This artsy place is so inviting. You just have to walk in an take in the culture.
Incredibly talented people.

I thought this tree was so cool, see the little guy on the bottom right next to the bridge?
My hunny!
Big tree, huh?
Visited the Cactus garden.

And the Rose Garden.

A pic from the USS Midway.
You can really see the size of this statue.
To the left is the, "Fish Market".  Where we had yummy oysters for lunch.

On the USS Midway on the Flight Deck.
Did you know this is over 4 acres?

Rob and Mick in their dreams!
("Mick don't touch the car, alarms will go off!")
I'm bad I took no pictures from a great couple(Mick and Julie), we had a great time in San Diego with.
(We all enjoyed our oysters though! YUM)
Castle pics next!
Walls are up, and you can dream the rooms!

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Matthew L. said...

So glad you had a great time in Cali!!!! Looks like you had some nice weather. Miss you guys soooo much. We need to Skype soon. We're goin to see Tania in a week, we're all excited!!! Can't wait to see your Castle, or as we call it, Kasteel!!!