Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Even more Crumbs

Will this ever end?
 I'm obsess in make these everyday. I feel like I'm getting no where.
Well I added something else to the crumbs. If you notice above, BUTTON HOLES! This came from a duvet I tore up and have been using it up every where.

I only had seven of  these, I think..... I thought sewing some buttons on the button holes would look good.
I like them.

Here they are mixed with a few more crumbs I made. Oh, those 2 nice stars are from a lap quilt I made trying to use up scraps again.

I have them separated 16 in each stack. So I have 128 6 inch squares made. I wanted to make a quilt about 96 x 98.

So I would have to make 144 more, I'm thinking I'll  might use some sashing in between.
Now to decide what color.....

1 comment:

regan said...

Your crumb blocks are fabulous! Such a soothing tone! And I love the buttons and holes! Sweet!