Friday, June 24, 2011

Ormund Beach, FL

Ormund Beach

To the right of us..................
To the left of us................

We went to the east coast!!!!!!The ocean!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Coming from the middle of the US, this was a big deal.

Mom took us to Ormund Beach, about a mile from Daytona Beach, much more peaceful then the famous Daytona Beach.

Rob's favorite girls, 1 missing. hehe

Me and my best of girls, (they are so skinny).


Rob doing some body surfing, he's like a little kid when it comes to being at the ocean.

Girls getting ready for some body surfing.

Such a happy smile, loving it.

Need I say more????
Look at the beach beauty !!!!

Mom got her ankles burnt(a little)
Out for a stroll taking photos, have to check out her flickr Pro to see what amazing pics she took.

A enormous jelly fish.

On the news there was allot in Miami stinging people, we were lucky. We saw a few on the shore, not to bad.

We have not figured out what this was, it was next to the large jelly fish

Odd looking.

Our family had a great time on the east coast.

The taste of the ocean on your tongue, yum.

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Tania said...

So glad you got to go and see everyone. You guys deserved a nice vacation.