Friday, June 10, 2011

My NEW Necklace Holder

Below is a section cut from a floor board Rob put down in the basement.

He saved them for me. I took 2 of these and glued them together with Gorilla Glue, (my new best friend).

I then took my special book of special pages, and Modge Podge them to the front,

and the back. As you can see I used the taps from a soda can. Bent them a little and glued them with my new special friend.

I also glued (glue gun) the lace around the edge.

Found a few knobs at a thrift store, love the glass look.

Hooks from another thrift store, I sprayed them with white, they were a ugly brown.

You like the pearls? They are buttons.

Another glass knob.

Out of my scrap booking clutter, I pulled the floral paper and ripped and more Modge Podge.

Put it all together and what do you have ?

Necklace Holder!

The necklace in the center, with the ring on the bottom is what Heather made for me when I used to wear reading glasses.

I Love It!!!!

I'm so happy with it!!

The pic above the holder is a pic of me and my grandmother I made. It's very special to me, as was she.xo

My daughter Heather got me hooked on the necklaces, cute huh?

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Tania said...

It turned out great! Is the picture from my wedding?