Sunday, April 3, 2011

Millers Cave

We knew there was a cave on post, but we had NO idea it was this great!

People have been asking us if we have been to Millers Cave on post for years..

(Entrance to the cave)

To get to this cave wasn't easy. We had to go down a very hilly cliff to get to this cave.

The whole on the right is a window.

Part of the front of the cave , I thought this was great. Here is looking through the window at the front of the cave.
Looking back the widow on the left now, and the entrance on the left. You can see how huge this was.
Check out this Black Walnut tree, its maybe over a hundred years old.The other side of the tree, I thought this was so odd.

Here is Rob on the other side of the front cave. Had to go through a tiny hole to get there.
Looking out of the second cave.

Looking out of the second cave, beautiful isn't it?

If you look closely you can see the river on the bottom.
The back of the second cave, yeas that is water.
This is the hole we have to take, to go back to the front cave .
We had such a great time exploring the land we want to go back. The things you find close to home.
Enjoy the weather while you can.

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Tania said...

That looks like so much fun!