Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My First Mystery Quilt

The start of my Mystery Quilt.
I'm starting a Mystery quilt with the Quilting Club.
I have never done one before so I'm very excited.
First direction.
Twenty-one inch block.
I could have done a house, pineapple, star or what ever.
All I know it will be tilted.
I've been wanting to make a new quilt for our bed. That's why I chose these colors.
Why dollies?
I have a thing about them, and I collect them. So I thought the center panel would be perfect for them.
I love the roses, and since Rob sleeps with me. I went with the green and plaid, on the guy side. I thought they went together perfectly.
I love the rose buds!
I'm exciting about making this soon to be queen size quilt for our bed.
The dollies are perfect in our bedroom. I like that English Garden theme.
Perfect combination!
This is the start of my March Banner.
I love snow days!

1 comment:

Tania said...

Love the doilies on the panel. The colors will look great when it all comes together. Have fun!