Saturday, September 25, 2010

My Bathroom Window

I've been needing curtains in our Master Bathroom since we moved in. Well we are waiting to tile the floor, fix the ceiling and paint the room.
I got tired of waiting.
I collected a few hankies and sewed them on a cotton valiance. We have NO neighbors behind us, nothing but trees.
Besides I like to look outside and see the animals, squirrels, birds, deer having fun.
This is another thrift find!
25 cents!

It's a glass frog usually it goes for $7 and up.
I was so excited when I snatched it up.

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Judy said...

Hey Sonja,
I just received an e-mail from you that you are in the UK and in some kind of trouble? Is this true or did I get a scam e-mail who is making it out that you sent it?