Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Our Home Away From Home

This is it. We're pulling the camper out! Rent went up another $5 a month. Besides we wanted to pull our camper for so long now. So this is it.
It wasn't that hard pulling it out. Moved the deck away, Rob hooked up and pulled away.

Looks good behind the truck huh? Got the hitch in the back of the truck, air bags underneath, and we're set for traveling.

Looking sharp!

We're camping and of course I bring some kind of quilting. These are for my Clam Shell quilt. All hand stitched. It's looking good.

Behind our camper all set up, the Osage River. Just up the river a little is the back of the damn. We have always been on the up side of the damn. It was different seeing it from the other side.

We had a ride on our friends boat going up and down the river. His speedometer was broken, but I know we were going FAST! I couldn't catch my breathe, and my cheeks were fluttering. Yes, that fast!
The back of the damn here. Right above it is where the cars cross the bridge. On the other side is where the people with money drive there boats.
If this damn broke , our campsite would be gone. Scary huh?
See that little blue in the trees?It's truck, ran off the cliff above.
Scary huh? That's not the only one. There is also a car that ran off. Crazy!
The girls (Jennifer and Brittany), decided they wanted to dye Easter Eggs. They wanted nothing to do with it last year! So two 16 year old boiled the eggs, and colored them. Then Jennifer wanted the Easter Bunny to hide them the next day. I told Rob "Don't make it easy, there 16!" He did well.

Home Away from Home

Nice toy huh? It goes very fast!!!!
The girls checking the campground out. Boat ramp, swim pond, stocked fish pond, swimming pool, Sunday worship, little store and a arcade. It was so relaxing and even better quite. It was so nice to get away from the house that's full of lots of work to be done.
Looking forward to our next trip.


Nikki said...

Looks like a relaxing trip! It is so funny seeing Rob w/o the clean shave! Oww Oww as we say in PA!~

Tania said...

Looks so relaxing! Glad you had a good time.