Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Just a little more snow

I know our snow wasn't as bad as the east coast. But for some of us. It wasn't fun. Rob and I were going to have date night, we canceled. Maybe next week?
Spice enjoyed the walk in the snow. You would think she would walk in the road with us. No, she wanted to walk in the snow touching her belly. Crazy dog.

This looking across the street. Isn't it beautiful! I love it when the snow is on the branches.

Another one looking across the street.

There were BIG snow flakes coming down hard. If you were driving it was like a thick fog in front of you. We are suppose to get more, we'll see how much.
Keep warm!!!


Judy @ daily yarns said...

I can never get a picture of snow falling that actually looks like snow is falling. We got hit yesterday but I have to say not like the East Coast has.
You stay warm too.

Nikki said...

It looks so peaceful there! I wish I could hang out with the fire going and take a break!
Matthew has been shoveling all day I took some great pictures it is up to his hips! It is still snowing and we are expected to have more on Monday!
Stay Warm enjoy the fire!

Tania said...

The boys would be so jealous of all that snow. Even with the little bit we got they are having a blast. Can you imagine if they got to play in all of that???

Matthew L. said...

Love the picture looking across the street