Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Flea Market Style: Everything's Coming Up Roses, and a Give-away!!

Flea Market Style: Everything's Coming Up Roses, and a Give-away!!: "Everything's Coming Up Roses, and a Give-away!! You have to check this site out, It's about a new magazine coming out!

"Tuesday was a very good day in 'the hallowed halls' of Flea Market Style. The blue line copy landed in Matthew and Ki's hands and it was a relief to see that inserting the ads did not result in any significant cuts in the features we want to bring to you. Also, Matthew and Jenny's cover image they styled and shot in a last-minute frenzy earned the crown of 'The Cover', and is an image that will draw you all in and promises what the inside delivers. Flea Market Style is truly a magazine that is beautiful on the inside and outside!

Because it was such a great day and we are so excited to share the magazine with you, we have decided a give-away is in order. Snapping to it, Matthew photographed the prize, a beautiful numbered and signed print of an image plucked straight from the magazine. Headlining the story on roses, produced by Matthew, the print is a beautiful souvenir of the magazine and the fresh take on vintage beauty we pride ourselves on delivering."

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Thanks for letting us know about this!