Sunday, August 2, 2009

Trial Baskets

OK, I picked up this random fabric at a second hand store, for about a $1. I like how they matched.
My daughter in-law found this basket , I had to try it. I messed up in a few things. Handle, sew from the bottom. Line up the fabric when you hold in half. However it is easy. Hear that Nikki? You can do it! I have more fabric, I'll be making a larger one.

The beginning of another basket. Rope and left over 2 1/2 in fabric strips wrapped around . Mine is not that pretty as this one. It called for piping but since I couldn't find anyhting here in no where land, I bought clothes line rope. It was harder to sew through, but it worked.

All sewn up, another mistake. The threads, reverse the ribbon.

The finished product. I think it turned out good.


Anonymous said...

I love them both, I think God blessed me with a gifted Mother in law because your definition of easy and mine are so very different. My sewing machine tried to blind me and for that I sold it on my yardsale this weekend! That will teach it! I love the fabrics, I have some random fabric that I will send with Matthew if he visits, if you like them great if not, there is no harm done I will not be offended it is all stuff I had around the house and thought just maybe you could put them to better use than me.

Tania said...

Oh how I love that fabric - what a great find. The basket turned out good! I am dying to try that pattern but right now it is just on the long list of things I would like to try.