Thursday, May 7, 2009

Another Gift

This quilt is made of homespun fabric.
We have friends that are leaving soon. We met the first 2 weeks we arrived in Australia. We were coming in and they were leaving. They showed us around and became good friends in a very short time. We kept in contact, when we arrived at Ft Leonard Wood,a few weeks later they also arrived.

I stitched the seams out, I saw one somewhere and thought it was different, wanted to try it out. I put a few stars on it.
We didn't spend as much time as I wanted too. Both of us working and busy with the kids. However when we did get along, it's as though we knew each other forever.

And a castle or two, for the Engineers.
They are also retiring, and leaving MO as soon as school gets out, and heading home. North Dakota. BRRRR!

Another castle for the back, and added a small tag my mother-in-law sent me. Very sweet.
There is a Farwell Tea for Lisa tonight and I'll give her this quilt, to remember our friendship
Oh yhea, when the kids graduate(3 years). The 4 of us are heading south to visit Australia again. Time to save the pennies!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful and so thoughtful!!!

~You have your own label! that is so great~ we still get comments on the Eagles Giants blanket you could make millions off of that so many people stop to ask us where we found it ( Leila dosen't leave home w/o it, and her pink one is always in her crib!

Tania said...

Love the quilt! You always make such beautiful things. How I miss having time for that. sniff.

Matthew L. said...

Love the Castle!!!