Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Our Black Swallowtail Butterfly

Few weeks ago I found this FAT caterpillar on my parsley. I brought her in and gave her some wet cotton balls, twigs and some more parsley. We watched her everyday. She stopped moving one day, Jennifer thought she was dead because she wasn't moving anymore. Then we noticed a shell covering happening. We watched for about 2 weeks, turning brown. Like the branch it was on. Then for some reason I had to look at the jar today. She just came out!!! Her wings were not opened yet. We watched her flap her wings and rest. Of course we took her out right away, and helped her to the grass. She sat there a few minutes. Then flew off into the trees.

Isn't nature wonderful to share it's beauty?


Tania said...

I showed the boys this! It's so cool. They both had butterflies in their classrooms this year so they knew exactly what was going on.

Tania said...

The boys came by and had to see this again. They loved that the caterpillar made it's chrysalis sideways instead of hanging upside down. Because they had just learned about this in school they went on and on (again) about all the different things about the butterfly.