Saturday, May 17, 2008

Jennifer's Ballet

Jennifer looked so good in her tutu. Of course she did it perfect, and she was amazing. There was only 2 girls who dance on point. So Jennifer had a Fan Club. The little girls kept saying "Look at the real Ballerina." They even took pictures of Jennifer with the little girls.

The other dances complemented her on her tutu, and some even wish they had a pretty outfit like hers. In the video clip she is on the right.I wanted to take a photo of her tutu, not her. She doesn't like getting her photo taken. She is practicing in the gym before her turn. She was thinking of her next move. This is her 9th year dancing ballet. Every year I have seen her practice all the way up to her recital. This year I didn't see one practice, and even when they had a dress rehearsal, she didn't want me to watch.

Jennifer always gets into her music, she has a beautiful rhythm when she dances. I just wish we could find a better studio. She likes a hard workout. She said this one doesn't push her enough. We'll keep looking, and she'll keep dancing. She had a professional photo done, when we get it. I'll post it. Tommorow we are going to the lake to air out the camper. It's suppose to be a beautiful day! :)

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Tania said...

Wow! You are so great Jennifer! I cannot wait to see the picture - I will put it right next to the last one. You are doing such a wonderful job and you look as beautiful as ever. Love you!